Donating a Fundus Camera

As part of our ongoing contributions to the eye care specialists at the Lions Sightfirst Hospital in Nairobi, we were able to donate a fundus camera this Fall. Prior to our donation, there were only three of these specialized machines in all of Kenya.A fundus camera is used in the diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders such as diabetic retinopathy. The camera takes photos of the back of the eye, or retina. Comparison of photos over time can be used to track changes or disease progression and to evaluate treatment options. This equipment could be instrumental in treating eye disease and preventing blindness.The fundus camera could cost as much as $14,000.00 brand new. Fortunately our efforts through medical contacts in the United States allowed us to purchase this equipment at a considerable discount. Thanks to the generosity of Mombassa Bed Canopies and other kindhearted contributors this valuable piece of eye equipment is already in use in Africa.