Donating a Multipurpose Heart Monitor to Mayanmar (Burma)

In December 2004 the Jivitadana Hospital in Yangon, Mayanmar received a multi purpose heart monitor from Triple Gem Society. This hospital, located in the capital city, is a non-governmental charitable medical institute.

Established in 1940, and managed by mostly volunteer retired government servants and health care professionals, this hospital provides free health care to everyone. Most of the staff also either work for reduced pay or for free. I was impressed by the way this hospital is managed and operated by dedicated volunteers treating thousands of patients every week.

Jivitadana hospital totally depends on the contributions and donations of well-wishers. We were glad to provide them with the most needed multi purpose heart monitor to be used to care for post operative patients.

In December 2004, when I visited Mayanmar to attend the Fourth World Buddhist Summit in Yangon, I was able to carry this sensitive and expensive machine with me all the way from America to Sri Lanka and then to Burma. I met the board of directors and the medical staff personally and handed over the monitor to the medical director of the hospital. I felt a great joy when I witnessed the valuable machine put into immediate use. In such happy moments I always think of all of you who make it possible for me to experience such special events.

We are always grateful to all the contributors and volunteers of TGS whose efforts make it possible to obtain and donate such valuable and life saving medical equipment.