Donating New Clothing

Two hundred fifty men women and children receive brand new clothing.

In a phone conversation with the community leaders of the cyclone effected area Bhante was informed that they urgently needed clothing. Since everything had gotten washed away families did not have much to wear.

When Bhante arrived in the capital of Bangladesh to help those who were effected by cyclone Sider in January 2008, the first thing that he did was to go shopping and bought 250 saries and sarongs (clothing for men and women) for those who lost everything.

In Bhante’s own words, “There was so much need and it is sad to see that we can not help everybody who lined up and many did not get clothing. This is usually the case when you go to any disaster area. We need to learn how to be satisfied with whatever we can do to relieve the suffering of at least some of the people who were effected. The efforts of many people is what is needed to address the needs of everybody who get effected by such big disasters”