Eye Care Continues

Eyes are one of the most important treasures in our life. To see the beauty of this world and experience our physical surroundings is a great blessing. Unfortunately millions of people wake up everyday never to see the light of the day. Many live in darkness simply because they have no money to correct their eyesight or cannot afford to pay for the eye treatment. Another reason is that doctors in poor countries lack proper equipment to treat the patients through eye examination and operations. Understanding the importance of the eyesight, we have in the past sponsored eye camps and cataract operations. We also have helped with much needed valuable eye equipments. This time we were able to donate more valuable eye equipment to the Lions eye clinic in Nairobi, Kenya. This equipment included a slit lamp, a manual keratometer, and a blood pressure monitor. The Lion’s eye clinic in Nairobi treats thousands of patients every year through procedures that include cataract operations. We have been working with them for a long time. The Lions eye center is efficiently run and is an active and busy place. We are so happy to help them to continue their services.