Greetings and Blessings from Bangkok, Thailand

Dear Friends and Students, 

Greetings and Blessings from Bangkok, Thailand. 

The monsoon rain has devastated Thailand. So far more than 300 people are reported to have died from the flood. The floodwater has caused billions of dollars’ worth of damage. Many provinces of Thailand are still under water. 

The past few days I have experienced firsthand the challenges and difficulties that people have to go through. Many are without electricity; water and many have lost their livelihoods. We all must keep them in our thoughts and send blessings and whatever support we can give to the millions of people who are affected by these floods. 

As we experience more and more natural disasters around the world, we are reminded how interdependent we are with the fragile environment. The trees, plants, animals, oceans, rivers and sky are all connected to our very existence and wellbeing as humans. We are all part of the pulse of life we experience during a lifetime. 

When we learn to respect ourselves as individuals, we naturally feel a deep respect for nature that supports our existence. Those who loose respect for their own life as a result of being lost in a self-centered view of life or greed can abuse and destroy our natural resources. They are putting the harmony of all living beings on our planet in danger. 

So as part of your contribution to a better world, try to cultivate self-awareness. Self-awareness can lead you to a place of deep inner peace. 

When you look at the world and relate to the world through the eyes of inner peace you will see clearly that you are just one thread in this complicated and inter-connected web of life. Such awareness can help you to be more active to protect and take care of the fragile environment. 

May you all continue to cultivate self- awareness and find more inner peace and deeper connection with the nature that supports the existence of your life. 

May you be happy and share that happiness with others who are part of your life. 

Bhante Y. Wimala