Greetings from Sendai, Japan

Hello everybody, I am very glad to share a short massage with you again. It got a bit longer than I expected. I hope you will have time to read this. I send you my love and blessings and wish you good health and inner peace. Please be in touch.

Last week I came to Japan on the invitation of the Japanese monk Ven. Iba. We both planed our visit to Japan in order to see what we can do to help those who were affected by the tsunami. On our arrival in Tokyo and in Sendai we met some of the Buddhist monks who are involved in humanitarian efforts to help those who are affected. We spent our first day visiting the coastal regions and met some families whose relatives or family members have died in the Tsunami.

It is sad to see such enormous devastation, destruction and loss of so many precious lives. The first evening after I returned to my hotel room I asked myself if I can put aside emotions of sadness and what kind of lessons can I learn about life, about nature and about our very existence as a human beings. There were so many thoughts and feelings that flow though my mind and I would like to share with you a couple of them.

Within a couple of minutes thousands of people lost their dreams, all their belongings and their lives. All those people were thinking, feeling dreaming people just like you and me preparing for the next day, next month, next year and future. Yet in two minutes everything was over and they are not there anymore as thinking, dreaming and breathing people. How fast things can change, how fast life can end, how quickly dreams can be taken away. Such possibilities apply to the lives of all of us. We do not need to worry about these things but it would be only wise to be aware of such realities of life.

When you wake up consider everyday to be a blessing and remember to bring as much heart energy as possible to your thoughts, words and actions so that you can be kind loving and patient in difficult moments. So start the day with gratitude and consider everyday as a blessing.

Be aware of the level of your ego and selfishness because they can blind you to the realities of life and cause you much suffering and help you to cause suffering to others. So balance your ego and selfishness and do not defend your selfish or egotistical behavior.

Money, material things and all your achievements are only temporary things. You can lose them anytime and they do not give you lasting fulfillment and surely you will not take them when you die. So do not allow your money, success, or achievements motivate you to do bad things or mistreat others.

One of the best ways to live a meaningful life is to cultivate self awareness. The more you understand about your thoughts, feelings and behavior through self awareness, the more you can feel at home with yourself. The more you are at home with yourself, the more you can enjoy life, death and everything that comes with it.

May you be well and happy.

Bhante Wimala