Health Care Center Renovation (update)

I am happy to report that the renovation work on the Health Care Center in Camansihay Village was completed this month.

Camansihay Village is located about 15 miles from Tacloban City. This rural village is in many ways lucky because damage from the typhoon was minimal to its residents, but their Health Care Center was badly damaged and no longer usable.

I arrived at this village with Mr. Edward Chua, my host in Tacloban City. He took me to this village because he believed nobody had yet come there to help its people, nor had it received any funds from the government.

I met with the village chief, Mr. Alejandro Reataza, Jr., along with the village committee members. They emphasized the Health Care Center’s importance to the village, especially how badly they needed it to provide health care services to the approximately 400 families who live there. As I listened to the committee members and the village chief it became very clear to me that the center needed to be renovated as soon as possible, so I agreed to help finance that work. The community took responsibility for managing and supervising the renovation work according to the plans.

Recently we have received an update report and photos. We are very glad to let you know that the Health Care Center is now back in use! I plan to visit the center during my next visit to the Philippines in April. Money from our humanitarian fund was used to pay for the cost and we are grateful to all our supporters and friends for being part of this wonderful project.