Helping Former Tamil Tigers

Now that the war is over we all need to work hard to help the victims of war including ex-LTTE fighters, soldiers and ordinary citizens, adjust to post-conflict life. While the painful past can not be forgotten, we can help heal the wounds and move forward as one nation learning to live in peace. The end of war does not guarantee peace unless we diligently make a compassionate and determined effort to re-build it.

The Tamil Tigers, known as the LTTE, were one of the most dangerous and ruthless terrorist groups in the world. In May of 2009, the Sri Lankan government defeated them ending the 30 year old war. A large number of LTTE cadres surrendered to the Sri Lankan Armed Forces at that time. Now these ex-Tigers are undergoing rehabilitation in specific centers set up by the government.

Most of them had joined the LTTE at a young age and have been trained fighters ever since. Now the government has taken on the huge task of training them to take up civilian jobs and begin to have normal family life.

On two occasions, I visited one of these camps where 1300 former fighters are participating in rehabilitation. To assist the vocational training program for former LTTE cadres we donated three computers. Currently we are in touch with the on-site authorities and are discussing further possibilities for assisting in their rehabilitation program.