Helping the Orphans

After visiting many local orphanages at the recommendation of the military, I chose two sites in the Leagone area that could benefit from my visit. We were able to provide these two orphanages with essential care packages that included exercise books, pens, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soaps, and other needed items. Prior to my arrival in Haiti, the UN peace keeping officers had chosen the places and organized the events for me.

As soon as I arrived Col. Hareen Walgama and I discussed the most urgent needs. Since the peace keeping force was already well aware of the children’s needs in the local orphanages, it did not take too much time to come up with a basic list of essentials. After choosing the two recipient orphanages and preparing a final list of needed things, immediate arrangements were made for an officer to travel to the capital of Port Au Prince to purchase the items.

Young soldiers and officers packed the items and loaded them into our pickup truck with great enthusiasm. We travelled around the whole day visiting different orphanages and hospitals, distributing the care packages.

A donation provided by the Child Foundation and the Center for Conscious Living in New Jersey helped us to pay for the things we bought for the children. We are grateful to both organizations.