Helping the Victims of War

The Sri Lankan government has been fighting a war against a separatist movement known as LTTE for over 20 years. Some estimates say that over 65,000 people have died as results of this ethnic conflict. Whoever the aggressor may be, war causes great suffering and we must seek peaceful solutions for all our problems among nations and in our communities.

When politicians and extremists choose to wage war and use weapons that kill and maim people, those who are powerless to stop them at least must use their power to help the victims. Always there are so many innocent people who are suffering as a result of war. While we all should dream of a day when one human being will never use a weapon to kill another human being and all problems are dealt with democratic and peaceful manner, we need to accept the current situation in the world and turn our attention to the victims of this incredible suffering.

For many years and in many ways we have helped the people who are affected by war. This time we were able to sponsor 20 children whose fathers died in the war by giving the children scholarships so that they can continue their education. While helping the children, we will also take the burden off the mothers who are emotionally suffering and struggling to make the ends meets. When I visited Sri Lanka in May of 2007, I met some of the single mothers and children we were able to help, and they were happy to see that they are not forgotten. As always I was so happy to meet the families and see their grateful faces as they receive school backpacks, books and the certificate of scholarships.