Helping the War-Affected Children

Kabithigollawa, the area I recently visited in Sri Lanka, is one that many people are scared of traveling to. It is known as a border village, in which there has been constant conflict, gunfire, and killings. People in this area have lived under extremely difficult conditions for over 30 years, many having died.  Finally, people are traveling freely and returning to these areas to live. In part of our efforts to help those who have dealt with war, we were very happy to donate a computer to one of the poorest and most needy schools. The teachers and students were very delighted with the gift of the computer. So much so, that I am planning to donate three more computers on my next visit.

As the world changes, computer skills are essential even in developing nations. These people have gone through so much, and their children have been deprived of education because of this conflict. It is a nightmare for anyone to live through a war, let alone children who have been dealing with this unsettling environment since birth. I hope this donation will make a small difference in starting a new life and having more hope, not only for the adults of the community, but for the children, as well. I am planning to return shortly to this area, and others, with more computers and any other essential items.