Homes for the Homeless

2008 was a busy, exciting and successful year. We are proud of the many humanitarian projects that we have completed in Burma, Africa, Sri Lanka and other areas around the world.

Every project is special in its own unique way. “Homes for the Homeless” is the one that stands out in my mind today. We were successful in building homes in Sri Lanka for three of the poorest families in the area. It was truly a gift to give these men, women and children a place they can be proud to call their home. Keep in mind these houses cannot be compared to the standards of houses you may be used to in America. The homes may not look the same as those you are accustomed to but the pride and joy theses families feel about their new home is no different then how you feel about your own home.

The joy and happiness expressed in their smiles as they took possession of their first home was the greatest gift of appreciation we received from this project. The homes are designed to fit perfectly into the setting of the local environment. The aim is to create a space that is simple yet functional and most importantly to provide a much more comfortable way of life for these families.

We would like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation and gratitude to Steve Arnsdorff, Treasurer of The Triple Gem Society, for his kind sponsorship of this project.