Humanitarian Mission in Bangladesh

First of all I would like to thank all of you who responded to my previous update. I am still in Nairobi. Tomorrow, the 1st of Dec. I will be leaving for Bangladesh. As you might know Cyclone Sidr (Category IV) hit Bangladesh on November 15th. Over 3000 people have died and over one million have become homeless.

I was very happy when Robert Rowen from Tampa Florida contacted me and asked me to think about going to Bangladesh on a humanitarian mission. He has coordinated my visit with Lt. Col. Atual H. S. Hassan who is in the US Central Command in Florida.

On my arrival in Dhaka, the capital, I am expected to meet chief of Army and get full support from the military for all my efforts. It is apparently a very difficult situation there and I am very happy that I was called upon to assist. I am expected to go to remote regions where the cyclone has passed through. I will update you on the progress on my arrival back in the US. Do not know exactly when. If I am needed there I will stay longer.

If any of you are interested in helping us in these efforts please contact our office in Princeton. May you be well and happy.

with love and blessings

Bhante Wimala