Livelihood Assistance Program – Ten Cows for Single Mothers

Ten single mothers, whose husbands have died in the war, received ten cows from our sponsor Mr. Perera. When we rebuilt Periyakulam village, which was destroyed by the war, we thought of helping the single mothers so that they could support their families. When Bhante met the single mothers he asked the women what else they might need. The women requested to get one cow for each family. Hindu religion respects the cow and it is an important part of the daily life of Hindus. All the women who received cows are Hindus.

Bhante discussed the matter with his sponsor and he agreed to donate 10 cows. On the day of the dedication of the Periyakulam village we were able to donate 10 cows to ten mothers and we are glad that our sponsor, Mr. Perera, was present in the accession to hand over the cows. We also have chosen another 10 families to receive cows which are being sponsored by Mr. Dawda of Kenya. We hope to arrange the purchase of the cows and delivery of them to the families.