Medical Equipment

10 health care workers and mid wives who suffered  the loss of all their essential medical equipment as a result of typhoon Yolanda received new medical equipment as a part of our disease prevention and healthcare programs. The equipment, which included weighing scales, blood pleasure monitors, glucose monitors, masks, thermometers and a pair of crutches, was well received and greatly needed by the healthcare workers and allowed them to resume caring for those hardest hit by the devastating typhoon.

When the typhoon hit the fisherman’s village in San Jose, Tacloban about 1,000 people lost their lives and thousands of homes were washed away. Nurses and healthcare workers lost all their simple but essential medical equipment. We are glad to help at least 10 of them by providing them with new equipment. Most of the medical equipment was provided by Dr. Zhao Weijie and family. We are thankful to her and send our blessings to her and her family.