Peace in My Heart, Peace in the World

We were glad to welcome back Bhante Wimala to our Concordia Church in Road Island. On September 29, 2012. Bhante Wimala shared his wisdom and insight in an afternoon retreat entitled “Peace in My Heart, Peace in the World.” This well received event marked the conclusion of a series of regional activities in which Concordia participated in celebrating the International Month of Peace. With his calm and radiant presence, Bhante explained how to cultivate inner peace and walk a journey towards higher spiritual discovery. He guided us into a deeper understanding of how allowing peace to flow through our own hearts can create a greater presence of peace in the world. Through the teachings of the Buddha, Bhante also brought his message of self- transformation through cultivating inner peace to our Sunday Service the following day. Bhante met with our Sunday school children and blessed our adult and youth community with the gifts of love he so freely shares.

Concordia is so grateful to Bhante for including us as one of the many places he visits in his worldwide ministry to serve humanity.

Laurie Taylor, RScP
Concordia Center for Spiritual Living
Warwick, RI