Phalate School Rebuilt and Reopened

The primary school of Phalate ward #8 was completely destroyed by the earthquake. The school was rebuilt and reopened by Bhante Wimala on the 2nd of September, 2015. It was a historic event because it was the first school to reopen in Kavre district with a new earthquake resistant building.

On the day of inauguration, Bhante was greeted with fresh flower garlands as he was led to the village by traditional drummers. Giving the highest honor that they could give to a guest, they poured red powder on Bhante’s head and applied red powder on his face and forehead which was a new experience for Bhante Wimala.

Bhante first visited the village with food and roofing material just after two weeks of the devastating earthquake. Getting up to this village was not easy because the rough road up the mountain is one of the worst and most dangerous ones to travel on. There were many   landslides blocking the narrow road.  After accepting the request from the community to help rebuild the school, Bhante traveled that road several times to inspect the construction of the school.

Under the guidance of Captain Pradip, designs and estimates were prepared. The principal was appointed to manage the construction. In less than two months the building was completed. As the school reopened, the community celebrated the special moment by playing drums, singing, and dancing.

Since the whole project was financed by the Triple Gem Society humanitarian fund, Bhante Wimala expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all those who trust him and support the TGS humanitarian fund.