Plea for Communal Toilet Fulfilled

Reverend Bhante Wimala has built communal toilets in many villages in Tacloban city and surrounding villages as he continues to provide the basic needs for Typhoon Haiyan survivors who are struggling to get their lives back together. This time he has fulfilled the plea for communal toilets by residents of Barangay 66, Rawis, Anibong.

The residents of Anibong village were able to communicate to the Reverend regarding the urgent need for toilets. The Barangay officials selected a location for the new toilet and presented Rev Wimala the plans and the proposal. Without hesitation, the Reverend made all the necessary arrangements and took action to answer the villagers’ plea for toilets. By August 2014 the two units consisting of four toilets were constructed. They are already being used by the residents of Village 66, Anibong.

In spite of the continuous rebuilding of houses by residents of Barangay 66 ? Rawis, Anibong, this village could not be considered as fully recovered from the devastation of super typhoon Haiyan. Residents of Barangay 66 are still struggling. Many families have built their homes from scrap materials or live in tents. Some families still rely on non-government organizations’ help for food and other necessities.

After the typhoon hit their area, the villagers made an effort to make two (2) overhung latrines at the seaside despite the fact that the City Health Office had already prohibited them from building them. Since the overhung latrine did not suffice for the entire number of the residents, some of the people make their house backyard as their toilet area, thus creating problems of hygiene and health for the residents.

The Village Chairman Hon. Bella Saballa expressed her heartfelt gratitude and thanked Reverend Wimala and the sponsors of this worthy project. As the project manger, I am also very grateful to Rev. Wimala for his kindhearted efforts to help the victims of typhoon.