Poems by Bhante Wimala

It is to drink from the cup of wisdom
And for the greatest feast of love
To know who I am in my heart.
I have come home,
Come home to myself.
What a glorious homecoming.

It is to bathe in the rays of inner light
And to float in the waves of bliss
To know the eternity of a moment.
I have come home,
Come home to myself.
What a glorious homecoming.

It is to see the colors of the universe
And to feel the power of divine
To commune with the pulse of my life.
I have come home,
Come home to myself.
What a glorious homecoming.

I become the detached observer
And watch
My thoughts, with lives of their own
Flash and flutter
Rise and fall
Come and Go
So many butterfiles outside my window

And I smile
And I slow
My thoughts
To rest
Kindly I calm them all
To rest

Motionless, effortless, all quite
A great and peaceful ocean
Home to mysteries and treasure
At voiceless rest beneath the sea

With silent contemplation
And inner awareness
The mind clears its way
I enter the vastness
And drift beneth its gentle surface
In slow strong current of deeper self
Currents of serenity
Currents of love
Currents of joy
Currents of bliss

I am suddenly free
Free from a noisy mind
Free from a warring brain
Free to embrace the beauty of all life
Free to connect
With my pure spirit
To know only peace and kindness
Love and joy
A moment of eternal freedom

Liberated by mind
The deepest part of me
Emerges from within
And with the small and subtle gentle touches
Silence speaks to me


When your mind becomes motionless
and the brilliant eyes
of the peaceful mind
takes a straight look
down into the depth
of your heart
you will see the life-force
pulsating and thriving
in the warmth of pure love.

As you experience this pure love
what we all call “heart”
beams of light
will begin to radiate
from the center of it
for heaven is there
in eternity.

If you can release
this radiance of love
and allow it to flow through you
your heart will become light
and the spirit will get liberated
into the air
and then,
from a place of inner stillness
you will know
what it would be like
to be an eagle
and soar in the evening skies.

And most of all
you would understand
what it would be like
to be perfectly sane.

In a natural stetting
of deep esthetic beauty
sitting on a little rock
I feel the freshness of my mind.

Quiet and peaceful
sensitive and alert
the mind that I am with now
in this deep moment of self-reflection.

Another newfound moment
and experience of higher form
of finer quality of consciousness
which one more time
takes me on a journey
to have a quick glance
at the beautiful sanctuary
of my inner world.

A spark of light
breaks away the cell of my ego
‘me’ and ‘mine’ is not there any more
in the center of my life.

Yearning for peace has faded away
longing for happiness has stopped
I am there
in perfect harmony
with the knowing
I am all and all is me.

Each moment is rich
with the awareness of the whole
in the encounter of life
in all its original beauty
divine love
from the center of my heart.

Bhante’s Poems are availible on cassette with soft ambient background music and a CD is currently in the works. For more information on Bhante’s recordings check out the audio section.