Quality Education for Sustainable Development

Bhante Wimala participated in the “Prize Giving and Education Day” organized by the Langata district Board of the Ministry of Education in Nairobi, Kenya on July 15, 2011.

He and the Triple Gem Society East Africa President, Mr. H. Dawda, were pleased to present trophies to the top ten students in the Langata district. The ceremony was held at the Langata High School. In attendance were the enthusiastic teachers of the students receiving the awards. The primary financial sponsor, Equity Bank of Kenya funded the event.

On the theme “Quality Education for Sustainable Development” Bhante Wimala remarked, “Education is an essential tool for development, social harmony and peace. We are glad to participate and promote education and community development projects especially in Africa. Let us continue to support students who study diligently and teachers who are committed to providing quality education.”

The chief guest, Mrs. Odinga, the wife of the Prime Minister of Kenya, praised the Education Board for its achievements during the past few years and encouraged the students to study diligently and prepare to contribute for the economic development and prosperity of Kenya. Bhante Wimala conducted the opening blessings, and led the participants in a brief reflection and meditation to mark the celebration of young students and their pursuits of education.