Rebuilding War Torn Lives

We are looking for sponsors; homes already under construction.

For thirty long years the Northern Province of Sri Lanka was under siege. The ordinary citizens of the North abandoned their traditional abodes and fled for life. After years of a disturbed existence they are now ready to go back to their villages.

In the village of Thiruppam Maduwa 35 permanent homes are under construction. Please see our previous article for more details.

We are looking for housing sponsors for the victims of war. The land is already owned by the people who escaped the war 17 years ago, only the homes are missing. Each house will cost $10,000 for the basic structure. Sponsors will pay the building costs.

Construction of roads, power lines and cleaning of the water wells will be done by the government agencies. This project will be completed with the participation of the government and the recipient villagers.

Building a village that was completely destroyed by war is a big challenge but we are well underway. We have already prepared the necessary government permits, surveyed the land, designed the homes and signed the contracts with the builders. Construction work has already begun. It took only took two weeks from the first concepts to building homes. Although so many people work hard and tirelessly, it is wonderful to watch how things fall miraculously into place.

We are expecting to complete the Triple Gem Village with 35 homes by December 2009. This is a somewhat ambitious plan but we know that we can do it. Since there are sixty-five families in this village, and most of them need homes, we will consider building the rest in the second stage depending on the financial situation.

I would appreciate any contribution towards this project. If you are interested in holding a fundraising event please let us know. You can also help us by spreading the message to others.