Renovating One More School Devastated by Typhoon Haiyan

As we continue our typhoon relief work in the Philippines, we have started renovation work on one of the buildings in Sagkahan Elementary School in Tacloban City. This is the third school we are helping to renovate after the typhoon’s devastation. Most of this school’s buildings were destroyed and some have already been repaired, but this particular building needed to be repaired urgently to provide classroom space for the students.

Following a request from the school’s principal, Niceta L. Galura, we got several estimates and chose a contractor who will work under her supervision. In a phone conversation with me, Mrs. Gaulara expressed her gratitude for helping with the renovation and guaranteed her supervision so that the work is done properly. I have spoken with everyone involved and have already transferred 50% of the project’s cost to the school.

This renovation is being done with the financial help of ProMindful, a nonprofit group based in Stamford, Connecticut. ProMindful has been supporting our spiritual teaching programs in the U.S. and the Czech Republic for many years along with frequently supporting our humanitarian projects around the world. We appreciate and are grateful for the continued kindhearted support of ProMindful’s President, Mr. Alex Nason, who has taken a genuine interest in our work. We wish him good health and inner peace.