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Samadhi Buddhist Meditation Center is located in the village of Tupadly near the town of Melnik. You can get there from Prague, the capital of Czech Republic by traveling north about 40km. Away from all the distractions and noise of a big city and busy highways the Center sits on a little hill overlooking the village of Tupadly. The ten Hector or 30 acre property is ideally located in the vast natural forest reserve called Kocorine. The atmosphere of the Center is perfect for anybody to relax, rest, meditate and experience peace.

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Samadhi Meditation Center is known to the locals and Czech people as Zamec Tupadly, which means Tupadly castle. The 136-year-old small castle building and the tall tower are made out of sand stone. Coming from Prague as you approach the village of Tupadly from the distance the tower could be seen on the hill above the treetops. The property includes a lovely park, farmland, three building structures and a quite large green house.

Samadhi means a clear and peaceful state of mind. Venerable Bhante Wimala has carefully chosen the name to suite the purpose of the Center. Bhante Wimala, the founder of the Samadhi Center is an internationally known Buddhist monk and a spiritual teacher. He is also the founder of the Lotus Buddhist Center in Prague.

In describing the purpose of the Center Bhante Wimala said, "We want the Samadhi Meditation Center to be a Center for peace which is open to everybody. People of all faiths, social status and ages who seek peace, emotional healing and spiritual counseling are welcome to the Center. The Meditation Center will also provide facilities for individual retreats and group retreats for non-Buddhist spiritual groups. The visitors may attend the scheduled retreats or classes of the Center".

Bhante Wimala further explained that the main purpose of the Center is to hold Buddhist meditation retreats and Buddhist Study programs for Czech and foreign students from around the world. Yet, inviting all spiritual seekers Bhante Wimala said, "I would like to invite other spiritual organizations or groups and religious organizations such as Buddhist, Hindus, Christian to use the facility for their spiritual gatherings in between our own programs. I would like to see the seekers of peace and harmony in life using this Center to nurture their spirit and heart".

Samadhi Center is a non-profit religious organization. As you might understand, the cost of maintaining such a facility could be quite high. Although the fee structure for accommodations or classes is not decided yet when the operational cost is evaluate the fees or charges to cover the cost will be informed to the people. At this point charging a fee is essential to maintain the Center and for the survival of the Center. Yet, Bhante Wimala would like somehow to find a way to include those who are not capable of paying any suggested fees through a scholarship program or through the support of generous sponsors.

Samadhi Meditation Center has been donated to Bhante Wimala by one of his generous Sri Lankan Student through his organization called Philnormel Foundation. Initial reconstruction costs were covered with the donations from the friends and students of Bhante who live in the US and other countries around the world. Triple Gem Society of New Jersey, which is headed by Bhante Wimala, has also been a major contributor. Triple Gem Society also has provided a loan to complete the most urgent reconstruction work. Samadhi Center will eventually have to pay that money back.

We would like to invite all the well wishes and friends and also the students of Buddhism and Bhante Wimala to help us financially or other ways until the Center becomes self sufficient and financially independent.

In the words of Bhante Wimala, the founder of Samadhi "We all need to come together and work diligently to promote inner peace, world peace and social harmony. We need to come together with compassion and genuine caring for wellbeing of all people. We must make an effort to come together in friendship, brotherhood and mutual respect for one another to make this world a better and peaceful place for all of us to live. I hope all of our efforts and the contributions of generous sponsors that went into creating this beautiful Samadhi Center will be a blessing to everyone who visits Samadhi Center". . You can also get more information by contacting us or find information in Czech at


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