Samadhi Experience – Thoughts From Retreat Participants

Recent retreat participants have contributed the following comments that we are delighted to share with you below. It is our hope that you will also get a chance to visit us in 2009. We are preparing for a busy summer at the center.

“I enjoyed every moment of my visit to Samadhi. I specially loved the walking meditations. I feel uplifted and I know I had a spiritual awakening. I have a lot of gratitude for my life and everything in it.”

Mary Whelan, Dublin, Ireland
Irish students from Sep. 1st through Sep. 8th

“I know it is all have been said before. But, I just want to thank you again for what was one of the most wonderful (and fun) weeks I have ever had in my life. It truly was a very special week. Looking forward to returning to Samadhi. “

Munally Breda. Dublin, Ireland
Irish students from Sep. 1st through Sep. 8th

“The Samadhi Meditation Center grounds are truly beautiful. Our early morning walks, single file, along a narrow path in the woods, with steps hewn in rocks and all of us in white, were an amazing sight. Everyone has miracles, or momentous things, to report from our retreat with Bhante. Accommodations were great; food was wonderful; chanting, meditations and prayerful silent times together were profound. We are forever changed.”

Rev. Dr. Carol Lawson
Founding Minister, Center for Conscious Living
Moorestown, NJ USA

“I am just now beginning to feel in sync with the time change. The peace I experienced at Samadhi is very present in my life. I have played Bhante’s meditation CD’s every day since I’ve been home and hearing his voice brings a smile to my face. What an awesome joy to have spent this special time in his presence. He truly lives love and peace and it just radiates from his very essence. I feel so blessed to have had this experience. I think of each Czech traveler in our group and carry love for each in my heart.”

Mary McLoughlin, RScP
Delanco, NJ USA

“It was truly life changing and glorious in every way.

Love and blessings,”

Lynne Scheiter
Marlton, NJ USA

“What a wonderfully supportive, unconditionally loving group! I feel that we shared an experience so intimate that when people in my everyday life ask me about my trip, I can’t begin to describe how awesome it was because our group experience transformed it to such a spiritual level. Everyday I recognize another change in myself and in how I see my life, other people, and my life’s purpose. I feel so blessed to have had the experience.”

Pat DeMaio

“I know I will never be the same again. We are all so blessed to have spent this time in life’s journey together. I walk slower and more mindfully now and I will never look at the clouds the same way again.”

Roe Beaudry
Blackwood, NJ USA

“I have been forever changed, but I don’t exactly understand what that means or how this change will manifest in my life. If I need to guess, I think I will end up more peaceful, loving, respectful and patient. I felt that I was those attributes during the Samadhi experience and back home I am coming out of a cocoon of past habit and fear. This change will result in my entering into the universal flow of love (self and others), abundance, peace and increased creativity.

Much love and gratitude,”

Carol Yoest
Delanco, NJ USA

“On behalf of our group of Malaysian pilgrims who traveled together to the Samadhi Buddhist Center, I wish to thank you for your generous hospitality during our visit. We must have had good karma to have been able to stay at the Samadhi temple in Prague during our visit to the Czech Republic. I do believe that one day your Meditation Center in the Czech Republic will be one of the best and internationally well-known, with the castles tower as a landmark. With your good karma and your positive qualities and determination, you will achieve it all in record time. It is just wonderful. I really know how happy you feel by the happiness I felt when I stepped into the Samadhi temple. Three really big SADHUS to you, Bhante Wimala.”

Sister Doris Ngun
on behalf of Malaysian pilgrims to Samadhi Mediation Center.

“When we cultivate and practice peace in our own lives, we help to effect peace throughout the world. This is a lesson of love that Bhante Wimala shares generously with his students everywhere. I believe in Bhante’s message and in his mission of helping people to help themselves. I knew that the Samadhi Meditation Center in the Czech Republic that Bhante shaped with his joy, created with his kindness, and grounded with the peaceful collaboration of all of his friends would offer immense opportunities to all of the pilgrims called to visit it and it does. I am so thankful to have journeyed to the Samadhi Meditation Center this past June. The grounds of the Center are so gorgeous and peaceful! The energy is amazing. The heavens smile on the vast forest there and the healing power of the earth pulsates beneath the historic castle and the comfortable sleeping quarters. The staff is a team of wonderful people who love to help others, as demonstrated via the healthy landscaping, the incredibly delicious food, and the lovely excursions to Prague and the Bohemian Forest. I am more peaceful for having traveled to Samadhi and I share this peace.”

Jennie Steinhagen
Marlton, NJ USA

“The Samadhi Meditation Center is a peaceful sanctuary a spiritual retreat where one can share the truth of spirit with other like minded spiritual seekers. The tranquil settings of Samadhi nourish the soul and allow one to be in touch with nature and truly appreciate the Universe’s splendor. When I returned home I felt a deeper appreciation for all of life, refreshed, renewed and forever changed by this wonderful experience. My Deepest gratitude to Bhante, a teacher of teachers in Mindfulness and Cultivating the soul with simple meditations and sharing of Buddhist teachings allowed for a true expansion of one’s spiritual development.”

Felicia Karstens