Samadhi Retreat Schedule – 2008

 April 17 – 20Martial Arts Group
 April 25 – 27Olande Ananda
You have the rare opportunity to participate in a weekend meditation retreat with Dutch Therawada Budddhist monk Olande Ananda. Venarable Ananda, who is also a good friend of Ven. Bhante Wimala, lives in Sri Lanka and travels in Europe and Asia conducting meditation retreats and giving lecutures on Buddhism. Meditators of all levels can benefit from his guidance and wealth of his experience.
 May 7 – 11Yoga & Meditation Workshop
 May 24 – 25Vesak Day Celebration
 May 29 – June 5Spiritual Life Center Group of
Sacremento, California, USA
 June 15 – 22Connecticut, USA Group
 July 4 – 7Meditation for Beginners
This retreat will be suitable for those who are new to meditation. Old students are welcome as well.
 July 18 – 26New York, USA Psychotherapy Group
Creg & Mary
 August 5 – 9Dallas, TX, USA Unity Church Group
Rev. Ed Townly