School Project #2, Completed and Reopened on October 2015

Construction of a new earthquake resistant building for 120 students at Shree Bagdevi Higher Secondary school in Devrali was competed and handed over to the school administration.

Students, teachers and parents of Shree Bagdevi Higher secondary school in Deurali gathered in the school compound to welcome Bhante Wimala on Oct. 3, 2015. They all lined up alone both sides of the road to school with flowers, fresh flower garlands and honor scaffs. The local musician played their traditional hones and drums. They were welcoming Bhante Wimala to declare open a new school building for 120 students.

Just after two weeks of the earthquake Bhante Arrived in Devrali with the Sri Lankan and Napalese military officers. After observing the conditions he promised to rebuild at least one of the devastated buildings. Keeping his promise Bhante made all the necessary arrangements to build a new eartthquake resistant building for 120 students. Many schools were damage or destroyed by the earthquake but this is one of the first schools in the area to complete a new building and open for classrooms.

After gathering all the necessary paper work, designs, estimates, request letter from the community and the government approvals Bhante appointed principal Ganesh to be the construction manager and manage the money. On Bhante’s request Mr. Anura Perera and Family agreed to provide the funds for the building.

As in all of his projects Bhante Wimala was personally involved in every step of the way keeping direct contact with project managers and making sure they get all the resourses they needed in timely manner.

Reflecting on the challengers Bhante Wimala Said, It is a miracle that we were able to complete the school building in three month in spite of many challenges and difficulties. In the first few visits to Devrali it was hot and dusty and the unpaved 8km road up the mountain was somewhat dangerous. Once while we were on the top of the mountain there was an earthquake. Rocks had fallen to the road. Then the rainy season started. My vehicle slid of the road several times. One time the villagers came and tied a rope and pulled the vehicle off the ditch. But today we all are happy to see the nice classrooms for these children.”

Bhante Wimala shared his gratitude with his main financial supporter Mr. Perera and family for their generosity. Mr. Perera is the main supporter of Nepal earthquake relief projects of Bhante Wimala. Bhante thanked the Principal Ganesh who manage the construction and Mr. Dinesh Shakya who is Bhante’s Nepal earthquake relief project manager who was very involved in solving problems and who put together an amazing opening ceremony.