School Reconstruction and Child Protection Services

Education and Child Services have always been a special focus for me. Even as much of the costal country remains in ruins, people are beginning to return to their villages and schools. Some schools have begun to open in make shift facilities, because though many school buildings have been destroyed or are being used for housing refugees. One of our most important relief efforts has been helping the children continue their education and to return to a sense of normality and positive outlook.

Helping Montessori schools

So far we have sponsored 5 Montessori schools that lost all their furniture and supplies. We are helping to rebuild these schools with funding we receive so that they can reopen and educate children. We provided tables, chairs, chalk boards and school supplies. These smaller schools do not receive government assistance, so parents must pay for the child’s education. For families without homes and basic needs this is now impossible. We have arranged to pay the salaries of the teachers for six months to relieve the families of this burden and allow the children to return to school.

School Books and Uniforms

So Far 250 girls have received uniforms. Currently we are preparing for about two hundred more uniforms and pairs 0f shoes for each student. We have also provided school books and basic school supplies to 25 affected children. The kits included backpacks, a dozen books, pens & pencils, rulers, math instruments, and erasers.


We are expanding the already existing TGS scholarship program to accommodate grade school, high school, and university tuition for many more needy students. Already 25 students have been enrolled. After careful screening, 80 more will receive tuition beginning February 1st.