Second Reservoir Renovation Project

I am pleased to announce that the 2nd reservoir project is complete.

During the 30 year war in Sri Lanka, Peyadikulam Lake (reservoir) had been abandoned when villagers escaped to safer areas. Peyadikulam Lake was badly damaged and needed to be repaired in order to retain water and be used for farming.

This was a joint project that was done under the supervision of Brig. Napagoda, who is the commanding officer of the 56 brigade and the area commander of the army and Triple Gem Society. With the proposals and guidance of Brig. Napagoda we were able to help repair the dam and sluice gates that control the flow of the water for farming and the use of the villages. The military had to get over 100 soldiers to complete this project and at times they worked in the night with generators to produce electricity.

I visited the sight many times before and during the construction and was happy to get all the material they needed to repair and rebuild the dam and the canal. We contracted out the repair work of the sluice gates, which required a bit more technical experience.

I am happy to report that with the arrival of the rainy season the reservoir is full and beautiful. These days many farmers, animals and wild life benefit from the water.

I am grateful to my good friend Brig. Napagoda and all the soldiers who worked tirelessly overcoming many challenges.