Speaking at the Oneness Center in California

Dear Bhante,

Thank you for accepting the invitation to speak at our spiritual community, The Oneness Center, in Fresno, California. The 3 hour seminar was fantastic! Everyone loved having you there and was so uplifted by your presence and your teachings.

As you know, The Oneness Center is an interfaith friendly, New Thought community that promotes meditation and an open awareness of many spiritual traditions. Your presentation was so inclusive and approachable to a wide variety of spiritual aspirants, whose personal meditation experience varies from novice to experienced. Your communication and teachings were so clear; people are still talking about what they received from that evening. It was also very inspiring to see the Compassion in Action projects that you are able to accomplish and it has been a source of inspiration to others to reach out in their own communities.

As a center that brings in guests and promotes events on a regular basis, this has definitely been one of the more successful events. It was a joy to promote, because your name alone filled the house. It unfolded with ease and grace, just as everything you touch does so beautifully. Thank you again, for coming to Fresno, we would welcome you back any time!

Many blessings to you,

Rev. Dr. Janette M. Freeman
The Oneness Center