Sponsoring an Eye Operation

As part of our effort to help the teachers at the Loresho Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya, I sent some of them to have free eye check-ups. After the eye check-ups, one of the teachers, Mr. Henry Mungai, wrote me these words:

“Dear Rev. Bhante Wimala,

I sincerely appreciate your kind gesture and organizing a free comprehensive eye checks for the teachers. I would like to let you know that the [doctor] discovered a large growth in my right eye and he recommended an urgent surgery. They warned me that the eye is in a bad condition and it could go totally blind if I did not treat it soon. My mother and brother both have medical problems and I am supporting them with my school salary. If you can kindly help me Rev. Bhante Wimala, I would be very grateful to you.”

After I received his request, I met with Mr. Mungai to discuss his situation. As his letter indicated, his eye was not in very good condition and he was in a difficult financial situation. I agreed to help him. I immediately contacted Mr. Kholi, our treasurer and temple chairperson, and arranged to release a check for the total amount of the surgery. I spoke with hospital management to assure them that they would receive payment for the total cost of the operation.

I am very pleased to report that the operation was successful and Mr. Mungai has fully recovered. The Pranic Healers of Nairobi donated the funds used to pay for the operation. They are close friends of the temple and I know many of their members personally. I am very grateful to the Pranic Healers for making it possible for us to help Mr. Henry Mungai. I am also grateful to Mrs. Kanani of the eye hospital for helping to reduce the cost, and for her assistance in ensuring that the surgery was performed in a timely manner.

May you all be well and happy!
Thank you.