Temporary Housing for Six Families

We have provided temporary housing for six families consisting of 28 members who were homeless due to the devastating earthquake in Nepal.

When I arrived at Machindra Bahal, I was approached by some families who lost their homes from the earthquake. They were living in a crowded plastic tent that was often too hot and very uncomfortable. After listening to their grievances, I decided to build a temporary home and made all the necessary arrangements. Within days they were able to move into the temporary building and now live comfortably.

When I visited them the second time, I met one resident who brought a smile to my face. He was an old man who was not well. With difficulty he got up from his bed and bowed to me. Then he thanked me for helping him because moving into their temporary housing has helped him a great deal.

The structure was financed by our Triple Gem Society Humanitarian Fund. I send my blessings to everybody who is supporting our humanitarian efforts in Nepal. This is our first temporary housing project for earthquake victims and we are planning more homes in different locations.