Testimonials of Ministers

  • Rev. Elizabeth Mora, Unity of Monclair, NJ
    “… Our church has been buzzing since you’ve been here. It seems everyone I meet with wants to share how much you touched them. You have made a profound impact on our community. That’s what you do.
    Over and over again I’ve heard “I could have just listened to him talk for hours. There is something about his voice that just draws you in and you just want to hear him say anything.” They also commented a lot about how meaningful it was to look in your eyes. When you look at me, I feel like you REALLY see me.
    Several shared how they now feel they “get” meditation better. The way you explained it was so helpful.
    As a minister, it was a true gift for me to be able to receive on a Sunday. Your talk on compassion touched me and reminded me of how much good we can do in the world “just” by bringing compassion. Your story about the taxi driver is already legend around here. People are telling it to those who weren’t here…”
  • Rev. Carol J. Hunt, Unity Church of Harlem, NY
    “…I thank you over and over for the wonderful message you brought to Unity in Harlem on Sunday. There is an afterglow in feeling, words and truth — insights that can live in those who attended (including me) for a long, long time…”
  • Rev. Thomas Shepherd, Unity Institute Faculty, MO
    “…he’s usually on the far side of the globe, walking dirt paths to deliver humanitarian aid in places where the U.N. fears to tread. He brings the same kind of kindly, serene, humanitarian spirit to the classes he teaches in a spiritually starving Western world… His talk on the meaning of compassion has literally changed the way many people here think about love itself… My Buddhist friend is the finest example of a bona fide Christian I have ever encountered.”
  • Rev. Lisa Davis, Unity Church of Dayton
    “… Your two Sunday services were filled with such peace and truth teachings. Your message touched many lives. The loving, confident way that you shared your truth spoke to every one of us on a deep level…. Your workshop was the highest attended workshop we have ever done… we have had more people asking when you were coming back than with any other speaker… You are a gift to this world…”
  • Reverend Dr. Carol Lawson, Center for Conscious Living Church, Moorestown, NJ
    “… The simple yet profound wisdom of your teachings and your calm and radiant presence sere as an inspiration to us, and to all who are fortunate enough to be with you… If ever anyone want to know more about you and your glorious presence and presentations, feel free to have them contact me…”
  • Billie Blain, Minister, Sunrise Unity Church, Citrus Heights, CA
    ” I highly recommend Bhanti Wimala, a traveling Buddhist Monk from Sri Lanka, as someone who will be a blessing to your church. We had him twice the last six months, and his very presence radiates love and wisdom. His teachings are practical, he lives the very truth principles we teach in Unity… He speaks in a way that resonates with our souls…”
  • Heather Withers, Ph.D., Minister, Christ Unity Church, Lincoln, Nebraska
    “… We already have had several requests for you to come back… You have a wonderful way of making the teaching of the Buddha and of the Christ alive and very relevant for our lives today. Most importantly, you are a shining example of someone who lives out their teachings in daily practice. We honor your wisdom, compassion and integrity…”
  • Rabbi Allan C. Tuffs, D. Min. Temple Beth El, Hollywood, FA
    “… The 300 people who came to hear him, were deeply touched and inspired by his words of wisdom and his gentle presence. His message, derived from the Buddhist tradition, is a universal message of love and peace found in all of the world’s great religions…”
  • Bobbie B. Cox, President – The Theosophical Society of Springfield, Massachusetts
    “… He is always enlightening and entertaining, presenting Buddhism in a caring and loving manner…”
  • Rev. Carole Mahhaffey – Unity Church of Louisville, KY
    “…There are times in your life when you meet someone along the path of life, and you know, without a doubt, that this person is an enlightened being. Bhante is one such person… We know that he will always be successful in his work, for it is selfless and divine. We see him held in the Love and Light wherever he journeys — a true child of the Universe.”
  • Ed Townley, Senior Minister – Unity Church of Chicago
    “… I hope you felt the love and appreciation with which you were received at both Sunday services. We have rarely had so many people spontaneously decide to stay for a Sunday afternoon workshop – again, a testament to their enthusiasm for your presence with us. Yours is a great work and an important ministry of love and empowerment…”
  • Claire Harrison, Manager – Chrysalis Holistic Centre, Donard Co Wiclow, Ireland
    “Bhante Wimala has offered retreats at the Chrysalis Holistic Centre for the last two years. Each time we have had a full house and each time, all guests have felt grateful for the contact and enthusiastic for more…”
  • Richard Tudor, Headmaster – Beaconhills Christian College, Melbourne
    “… What you said certainly had an enormous impact on our students… I have a lot of tremendously positive feedback about your visit and several students have asked when we can have you back again. Thank you or all the effort and personal energy you put into the day and for communicating so sensitively and sincerely with our students…”
  • Nina Nikolaeva, Director – Inward Path Centre, Moscow, Russia
    “… His gentle and non-sectarian approach to spiritual practice is something, we feel, will elicit great interest from Russian audiences during this times of philosophical searching and hunger for meaning in our country…”
  • Rev. John Williams – Unity Church of Today, Palatine, Illinois
    “… To give an idea of how popular these presentations were, I can tell you that every book and tape that our bookstores had ordered, along with the ones Bhanti brought with him, was completely sold out… Finally, I would like to say on a personal note that just being in the presence of Bhanti Wimala was a remarkable experience. He radiates the love, humor, kindness, and concern for humanity that is t the heart of what he teaches…”
  • Lynn M. Brodie, Program Committee Chairman – Unitarian Universalist Society of Glens Falls, NY
    “…Thank you for speaking at our church this fall. Your talk was very well receive. Several people to me that this is the kind of presentation that keeps them coming to church. We definitely want you to come back and do a one day workshop…”
  • Farkas Pál, rector – The Gate of Dharma Buddhist College, Budapest, Hungary
    “… We hope that you also found your visit profitable and established good karmic relations with our College. We certainly feel that way. Taking this opportunity we would like to invite you for a more extended stay in Hungary… and share your meditative experience with us…”
  • Judy Buttner, Educational Staff – Findhorn Foundation, Forres, Scotland
    “… It was a delight to have you. Your peacefulness, centeredness and joy were wonderful to be around, and certainly communicated themselves with grace and ease to everyone in the group. The work you did definitely helped us find in ourselves, that wonderful place of tranquility, and also instilled in the group the desire to continue the practice regularly. Even in a spiritual community, discipline can get a bit sloppy when there is so much service work to do.”
  • Cheryl Berkowitz, Staff Programs Coordinator – Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Rhinebeck, NY
    “… Bhante is an excellent teacher and his classes always engender positive, enthusiastic feedback. He has opened countless people at Omega to new ideas and different points of view, and many have begun their own meditation practice as a result of Bhante’s inspiration. But Bhante’s teaching extends far beyond the classroom or the mediation hall. His open, curious and compassionate nature attracts people, and he makes himself available freely to whoever needs him, for council or just for conversation. Bhante has been an enormous asset to the Omega community and we look forward to his return to the faculty next summer.”
  • The Rev. Leslie Mott, Helen Carnell Eden Chaplain – Wilson College, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
    “… Your presence in Chapel was wonderful! Many students and faculty have spoken of your warmth and gentleness, and the sense of calmness and relaxation they felt. Thank you for leading us into meditation, and for sharing your experience with this practice. Thank you, too, for your message of wholeness and peace…”
  • John Bardi, Ph.D. – Penn State Mont Alto, PA
    “… Bhante provides a unique opportunity for our students – for many it is the first time – to experience and interact with a Buddhist monk, a living embodiment of the path of the Buddha. … His wisdom is a living wisdom: that is, he IS the thing he is talking about… My students report that he impacted them in profound life-altering ways… my own students tend to be more eager and curious after his visits, and class seems much better…”
  • Rev. Joe Sloan Minister – Unity In The Gold Country, Grass Valley, Ca
    “We are still basking in the glory of your visit on Sunday. What a wonderful day! So many people came to me after and thanked me for having you come to us. I am still getting phone calls of appreciation. Our attendance jumped by 40% and I am sure many of those people will come back. The seminar was well attended and there were many interesting questions, which you handled beautifully. I am sure you opened many minds to new ideas, mine among them. You touched many people in a very special way that will last. You inspired us to a greater commitment to the good work we have been doing – thank you! … We send our blessing for the wonderful work you are doing in the World and we ask you keep Unity in the Gold Country in your prayers. I already feel that your presence here and blessing has given us a resurgence that will continue. You are a special person, and we are proud to call you friend.”
  • Vinitha Jayawardene, Acting Hon. Secretary – Persatuan Sasana Abhiwurdhi Wardhana, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    “… His talks were truly inspirational and well received by our local Buddhist community that comprised various races such as Chinese, Indians and Sinhalese. His ability to relate examples from his life experience as a counselor, Dhamma teacher, spiritual friend, social worker and meditator has indeed made all his Dhamma talks interesting and spiritually lifting. Indeed, he could be truly said to be a spoon which not only holds the soup but is able to taste it. He truly fits the saying of the Buddha: “What I have practiced, I have preached; and what I have preached, I have practiced”…