The Day of the Honor Ceremony

We came together strangers, from all over the United States and Canada with one common link, Bhante Wimala. The union of like minded souls joined together created an beautiful weekend of genuine love. We recognized the wonderful efforts and works this man, this monk, Bhante accomplishes.

He tirelessly gives and gives and gives. His energy is amazing to watch and be a part of. He walks a delicate balance between the eastern and western cultures ever building, nurturing, loving, teaching, and promoting peace along the way.

Rev. Carol Lawson of the Center for Conscious Living in Moorestown, New Jersey and I traveled up to participate in Bhante’s big event Saturday morning October 31st, 2010. We were both eager to arrive. We talked about the day ahead and read some Rumi while listening to some chanting .There was a day of celebration ahead of us and I know that I was eager to meet more of Bhante’s friends.

It is not often that people of like minds meet to celebrate as families do. We often go to lectures, workshops, concerts and church as spiritual seekers but it is different coming together as a large extended family all excited about the achievements of a family member, a spiritual family member. We came together yet known friends in this lifetime and left having forged many new connections.

Bhante came to the United States more than 26 years ago and engaged us with his smile, light-hearted laughter and love. He has dedicated his life to his spiritual mission and gathered many friends along the way to aid his pursuits.

One cannot know Bhante long before thinking you’ve known him your whole life. He engages with his humor and teaches truth with love. His friends from all over the United States and many letters from all over the world came to Wainwright House to help celebrate this special monk’s Peace Ambassadorship, as representative to the United States, Czech Republic, and Kenya.

He travels the globe building homes, villages and friendships through selfless determination to help mankind in some small way. We his students, friends, and family support him as families and friends do, with love. We give him a place to come home to and it was wonderful to be with his extended spiritual family in New York honoring this beloved being.

People have known him for years and watched the young Sri Lankan monk dare to travel a different path. Leaving the temple and traditional way to travel a new path building bridges between countries one friendship at a time, one project at a time.

Presenters and Speakers

Musicians of the evening