The President of Sri Lanka visits Nairobi Buddhist Temple

In December of 2013, the President of Sri Lanka, the Foreign Minister and several other government ministers paid a visit to the Nairobi Buddhist Temple where Ven. Bhante Wimala is the Chief Monk and Spiritual Director. His Excellency, President Rajapaksha came to Kenya to attend the 50th Independence Day celebration of Kenya.

After receiving blessings from Ven. Bhante Wimala, he enjoyed refreshments and tea with Ven. Wimala while having a dialogue in a private setting for about 15 minutes. Afterwards, the President and the ministers met the Sri Lankan community who live in Kenya and greeted them on the Temple premises.

This was the first time a Sri Lankan president has visited the Temple in its 15 year history and it was considered in that sense an historic visit. Ven. Wimala has met His Excellency the President several times in the past and they are not strangers to one another. Referring to the President’s visit, Ven. Wimala said, “It was very lighthearted, friendly, and a warm dialogue and we had a couple of good laughs as well. I am glad he took the time to visit us and have tea.”