Third and Fourth Health Care Centers Open for the War Victims

In June of 2009 when I visited the IDP (internally displaced persons) camps in Vavnia, I personally experienced the difficulties the doctors as well as the patients had to go through because of lack of health care facilities. Temporary tents were used as health care centers and it was hot and dusty inside. Patients were fainting standing outside in hot sun to see the doctors. Understanding the urgent need of such facilities we started building heath care centers in IDP camps.

We planned four health care centers in four different regions. We completed two of them in July and they have been in operation now for over two months. I am glad to let you know of the opening of the third and forth health care centers for the war victims. We have completed and handed over the third health care center in Chddikulam in Vavnia district on the 22nd of Sep. 2004 and the fourth one in Dharmapuram IDP camp.

Health care center number 3 will serve as the publi/priventive health care center. About 300,000 people living in tents or temporary shelters in crowded camps create a perfect environment for disease to spread easily and obviously many people often get sick.

Third and forth health care centers were built with the funds donated by Mr. Anura Perera. He has been one of the main supporters of our projects. We are grateful to Mr. Perera for his generous contribution. May he be well and happy. As you might imagine many people were always involved in such difficult projects and my heartfelt gratitude goes to all of them.