Two Wells for Drinking Water and Farming

As the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) of the war in Sri Lanka return to their villages in the northern regions, one of the most important needs is the availability of water for drinking and farming. We were able to build two deep wells to provide water to the people in two villages. One was built in Kudabogasweva village in Vavnia District and the other one was built in Periyakulam village. The only source of drinking water for the 80 families who have returned to Kudabogasweva village is the well that we have built for them.

Each well is about 35 feet deep. They are large enough to provide water to all of the villagers even during the dry season. Both of the wells were sponsored by the Triple Gem Society humanitarian fund.

Water is life and providing drinking water to the needy is one of the most powerful meritorious deeds. We share our blessings with everybody who supports us to continue our noble effort to alleviate suffering and help the needy. We are especially thankful to my main assistant in Sri Lanka, Mr. Sidath, who was in constant communication with me and worked under very difficult conditions to organize the work and compete the project. Thank you everyone.