Unity of Montclair

Unity of Montclair is blessed to have had a second visit from our friend Bhante Wimala. Even though we don’t see him often, we all consider him a friend because we instantly connect with him. His energy just brings peace in an instant. He enters the room, and we are drawn to him. His Sunday message touched our community, and they wished he could have spent even more time here. One Sunday is just not enough for us.

The members of our church ask all the time when can Bhante come back? They remember his talks and often quote him to each other. As a minister, I wish I could have him come regularly because he brings such a beautiful perspective on life and the spiritual journey. His talks go so well with the Unity message of oneness. It is so rare to find someone with such a deep level of peace and compassion and such a joyful sense of humor. Being in his presence quickly brings me into a better place.

We are so blessed to have Bhante come and speak at our church. He touches us with his smile, his laughter, his caring, his compassion, his keen observations about life. Thank you, Bhante, for sharing your light with us.


Rev. Elizabeth Mora, M.Div., Senior Minister
Unity of Montclair