Unity Worldwide Ministries Conference

Dear Bhante Y. Wimala,

Thank you so much for blessing our Unity Eastern Regional Conference with your presence and your loving insights. Your teachings, meditation and closing blessing were absolutely the highlights of the week. Everyone left feeling uplifted by the opportunity to hear you and experience your spiritual energy.

Rev. Ed Townley
Senior Minister and the Vice president, Unity Worldwide Ministries Eastern Region.

The Unity Worldwide Ministries Eastern Region Annual Conference was held in the Hartford Hilton Hotel in historic downtown Hartford, CT. Bhante Wimala was one of the keynote speakers and presenters at the conference.

More than one hundred-fifty ministers, teachers and church leaders gathered in Hartford on September 24th-27th, 2012 to discuss and share their views and experiences of ministering. “What it would be like if we returned to our churches truly being and doing the divine consciousness that Jesus modeled for us?” was the question they explored together. The theme of conference was “The Balance of being and doing. How to Live and Minister in Spiritual consciousness.”