Update from Kenya

Dear Friends and students, Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya,

I am writing to tell you about the summer and my current projects here.

We give many gifts in so many ways. We give gifts to show our gratitude, thankfulness, or love; to make another happy. When you give something unconditionally, such a gift can make the giver as happy as the receiver.

Giving the gift of peace to somebody is one of the greatest gifts that you can give because the happiness that comes from inner peace is the greatest happiness that one can experience.

I would honestly say I had a very happy summer sharing the gift of peace with so many people who came from around the world to Samadhi Meditation Center near Prague. Now I would like to share the gift of peace with you. Sharing this peace is a great gift for me.

Samadhi Meditation Center is evolving into be a beautiful, inspiring healing center. Everybody who came to Samadhi Center this year went back inspired and happy. Many experienced healing, peace and transformation.

We had twelve groups form various parts of Europe and USA during the summer who came to attend two, three or four day meditation retreats and spiritual study programs. Some of the groups stayed longer to experience the beautiful country side. Our facilities can comfortably provide over night accommodations for twenty five people and five or six staff members. Next year we will be offering even more retreats and Buddhist study classes. I hope some of you will come to experience the peace of Samadhi Center in 2008.

Whether or not you can join us at Samadhi, I am reminded that we all have opportunities to be an instrument of peace in our daily lives. Think of all the people we encounter and all the opportunities we have with our friends, family or co-workers. I hope you will make an effort to give somebody who is under stress, unhappy or confused the gift of peace knowing that bringing happiness to another is the best gift you can give.

If you have time and want to continue reading, the following is a bit more information of what I am doing in Africa now.

  • I would also like to let you know that I will start my USA teaching tour on the 9th of September. Please refer to my schedule here.
  • I am at the moment in Nairobi, Kenya. I will be teaching and attending several humanitarian projects.
  • We are sponsoring a free medical camp in one of the poorest areas of Maragua on the first of September. I will personally attend the whole day event. We are expecting about three thousand people.

The medical camp will have several tents; one for HIV testing and counseling; one for diabetics testing and treatment; one for eye examination and treatment of eyes. These tents will be staffed with a total of twelve nurses, four clinical officers, two pharmacists and ten doctors. Within the ranks of the doctors, there will be one in charge of the overall camp, a general physician, one ENT doctor, a dentist, one Pediatrician and three eye doctors.

We will also provide free medications which include anti-malaria pills, antibiotics, anti-fungus medication, eye drugs (for both adult and pediatric patients), diabetic screening aids, analgesics, examination gloves, etc.

This medical camp is a Triple Gem Society project and is partly sponsored in memory of Late Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda by the Buddhist Mahavihara of Malaysia.

On the fifth I will be attending the dedication ceremony of the four class rooms we have renovated in Loresho Primary school in the area. Our main sponsor of the school renovation project is Dallas Unity Church. Everybody is working hard to finish the renovations by this date.

Please be in touch.

May you be blessed with peace of mind and peace in your heart.

With love and blessings,

Bhante Wimala