Vesak at Nairobi Temple

Vesak day, 2014, was celebrated in the Nairobi Buddhist temple on the 18th of May. Venerable Bhante Wimala conducted the full day program with the assistance of Mongolian monk Sujatha. This beautiful, full day included meditation programs, Dharma talks, a special Blessing ceremony and an evening candle light ceremony.

Thoughout the day people from many faiths — Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Jains participated in the various events. Free meals and snacks were provided to all visitors by The Sri Lankan community with the help of the Sri Lankan High Commission and the Royal Thai Embassy.

More than two hundred people attended the Dharma talk and the blessing ceremony in the evening. The day ended with a beautiful candle light ceremony and lighting more than one thousand candles in the temple gardens.

Young and old, Buddhist and non-Buddhist, rejoiced in this day of the enlightenment of Buddha as they participated in the grand celebration and spiritual programs at the only Buddhist temple in Kenya, the Nairobi Buddhist Temple.