With Love for Our Mothers

On January 05, 2006 We donated a birthing bed and a tool trolley to the maternity word in Kerugoya District Hospital in Kenya. Although this could be considered relatively small deed it has made an enormous difference to many women including the staff of maternity ward. It was a joyful day for all of us, especially for the mid-wife and nurses.

For many mothers giving birth to a child is the most important event in her life. To bring a child into the world and hold the baby she has carried for nine months is an incredibly moving and defining moment for her.

In Western and European countries, the wellbeing of a pregnant women is taken seriously and proper care and facilities are provided. Most facilities are clean and furnished with modern equipment.

Unfortunately in many parts of the world mothers are not that fortunate. I have visited many maternity wards in Africa, especially in Kenya. Often the site of a monk in these facilities is shocking and many wonder why I am there. In numerous occasions nurses and maternity staff has told me the hardships and challenges they face everyday in birthing rooms without proper equipment and facilities.

I have seen the poor conditions of the government hospitals. Most of the maternity wards have rusted and broken equipment like that illustrated in the photo above. The atmosphere of the rooms is dark, gloomy and very unpleasant. Each time I visit one of these facilities I am disturbed and saddened.

Regardless of nationality, skin color or ethnicity all mothers deserve clean, safe and comfortable surroundings in which to give birth. They deserve the respect and admiration of us all. And they deserve our help.

Based on my experiences in Kenya, I have made a commitment that we will use Triple Gem funds to help as many of these maternity wards as possible. We have already made plans to provide additional birthing beds and maternity ward equipment to another hospital, Nakuru District Hospital, in March of this year. Our 2006 humanitarian projects in Africa will include more birthing beds and maternity ward equipment and supplies. We have found a local wholesale medical equipment importer and supplier who has promised to give us a good discount on new equipment.

Kathy Meth and her friends in Rockland County, New York held an event and raised the money for the birthing bed and equipment supplied to Kerugoya District Hospital. I am grateful to Kathy, her family and friends who made it possible to make a difference to many mothers in this remote part of the world. I would also like to thank, Moni Kohli the new chairperson of Triple Gem Society in Kenya who worked hard with me to obtain and deliver the equipment to the hospital.

With love and blessings,

Bhante Wimala