Year in Review - 2014

Weaving Moments into Miracles

A Year in the Life of Venerable Bhante Wimala

A 12 month Journey from December 1, 2013 to December 1, 2014

Dear Friends, Students of Bhante, and people of Compassion everywhere:

We are all being called to a greater expression of the light that flows through us, to a deeper heart connection with people suffering all over our planet. As a Buddhist monk for 41 years, Bhante Wimala has spent his life following the path of the Buddha to eliminate suffering wherever he can. It's amazing to reflect on how much can be accomplished within a 12 month period, how many lives can be changed. With the stillness that comes from meditation and reflection, the financial and personal support of people like yourselves from all over the world, and a deep calling from within to compassionate action in the world, Bhante is a tireless spiritual guide, and the good that unfolds through him is limitless.

We decided to try and capture the most important work that Bhante has done during the last year. What you will see on this page may be only sixty percent of what has happened, because it is simply impossible to record all the wonderful things that have happened through the work that Bhante does-- his humanitarian projects, meditation retreats, spiritual counseling, talks and teachings, reaching out to people in so many places in so many ways. We hope you will enjoy reading about them and will be inspired.

Bhante is deeply grateful and thankful for everyone who even in the smallest way has contributed to this work. The need is great for more to help contribute to these profound humanitarian projects. Miracles happen everywhere. With your support, even more can be accomplished.

Thank you.

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The following are programs and projects from December 2013 to December 2014.

United States
Sri Lanka