News and Announcements

Spring Retreat

Venerable Bhante Wimala facilitated the spring retreat for New Thought Practitioners and Ministers entitled “Spiritual Awakening”. The retreat was organized by the Center for Conscious Living in Moorestown, New Jersey and was held at Bryn Mawr Center in Pennsylvania.

Donating Books

More than two thousand valuable books were donated to Peradeniya University in Sri Lanka. The books were donated to Triple Gem Society by Dr. Segaram who is a Sri Lanka medial doctor who lives in New Jersey. We are grateful to Dr. Segaram and to everybody who helped to prepare the shipment, clear the customs…

Sunday Service, Center for Conscious Living, Moorestown, New Jersey

We are once again delighted to welcome the Ven. Bhante Wimala, a Sri Lankan Buddhist monk for over 40 years and author of Lessons of the Lotus, Poems of Awakening & several CD’s. Bhante travels the world lecturing and conducting seminars on meditation, world peace, Buddhism and evolutionary consciousness, and his humanitarian projects are truly…

Kaiya Yoga, Westport, Connecticut

In October of 2014, I organzed and helped Bhante lead a workshop entitled ‘Tapping Into The Healing Power Of Your Heart’ at Kaia Yoga & Wellness Spa in Westport, CT. Speaking before a packed ordiance, Bhante inspired everyone and helped everyone there experience a very deep state of relaxation and peace. People left the session…

Unity of Montclair

Unity of Montclair is blessed to have had a second visit from our friend Bhante Wimala. Even though we don’t see him often, we all consider him a friend because we instantly connect with him. His energy just brings peace in an instant. He enters the room, and we are drawn to him. His Sunday…

Omega Retreat 2014

Meditation for Beginners provides a survey of meditation techniques to start the beginner and refresh the experienced meditator.

Spiritual traditions throughout the ages have recommended meditation as a core practice and a path toward peace of mind. Modern medicine is now finding that meditation techniques can be applied to alleviate pain, improve health, increase vitality, and buffer day-to-day encounters with stress.

Unity Christ Church in Richmond, VA, USA

We have welcomed Bhante to this part of the United States for over 15 years. Often I was fortunate to host or co-host him with the other organizers of his events. It is like a bright blue sky every time when Bhante comes to speak to us here in Richmond, VA — it is like…

A Visit to the Drug Rehabilitation Center in Sri Lanka

Bhante visited Mithuru Mithuro drug rehabilitation center in Pelmadulla, Sri Lanka. He was invited by the founding director Venerable Bodhi to conduct a session with the people who are receiving treatment. He spoke of the “challenges in overcoming addiction” and had a long dialogue with more than one hundred residents who are receiving treatment.